Post Conference Seminar | AP Dr Jabal Buaben

“Faith Commitment and Academic Integrity – Are They Incompatible?”


Associate Professor Dr Jabal Buaben

Lecturer, SOASCIS 



The general non-Muslim perception of Islam and Muslims in our contemporary Global Village leaves much to be desired.

In the aggressive secular constituency, faith, and Islam for that matter, seems to be seen as an impediment to Sound, Critical, Objective and Fair scholarly discourse.

Science and Religion /Theology are often seen as at loggerheads with each other and hence, the latter, has no contribution to make to the excellent strides humankind is making in Science and Education, in general.

This paper is an attempt to question this perception and affirm that religion qua religion , has crucial values that, instead of impinging on Critical, Objective, Dispassionate and Fair Scholarship, rather seek to promote it. After all, there is a lot of evidence in history that many renowned scholars in all fields of human endeavour had affiliations with Theology as well.



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