Thesis Title
A Critical Analysis of Social Darwinism in The Light of Shari’ati’s Philosophy

Associate Professor
Dr. Shaikh Abdul Mabud



Nurul Izzati Hj Mohd Jamil is a PhD candidate in Islamic Civilisation and Contemporary Issues.


• BA (Internional Relations) – Loughborough University
• MSc (Global Politics) – University of Southampton


Nurul Izzati Hj Mohd Jamil is currently taking up PhD in Islamic Civilization and Contemporary Issues at Sultan Omar ‘Ali Centre for Islamic Studies, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. She graduated with a Master of Science (MSc) in Global Politics from University of Southampton and a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in International Relations from Loughborough University. Nurul Izzati has also authored two English poetry books, which have been published by Language and Literature Bureau, Brunei, namely Young Dreams (2009) and A Collection of Poetry Journey After Young Dreams (2016). During April 2018, her 2nd poetry book, ” Journey After Young Dreams” was featured at the Berkeley Library, University of California website. She presented a talk titled, ” The essence of colonial education, implications for female education and cultural hegemony in SEA” at the International Seminar ‘Socio-Educational Empowerment of Muslim Women in the New Century’, UBD (2018). She hosted numerous seminars at SOASCIS, UBD which question the philosophical premise of Darwinian evolution, namely “The downfall of Darwinism? Evidence from Ali Shari’ati” (2018), “What are the moral loopholes of evolutionary theory?” (2019) and “Mathematical Principles and Intelligent Design: Questioning Darwinian Evolution” (2020).

Research area(s)

• Social Darwinism
• Darwinian evolutionary theory
• Intelligent Design
• Colonial Education
• Postcolonial theory (Frantz Fanon)
• Ali Shariati’s philosophy
• International Relations
• Quantum Physics