Islamic History and Civilisation
Islamic civilisation is a living entity spanning over 1400 years and across the entire globe. Since its emergence in the Arabian peninsula in the 7th century, Islam has influenced various cultures, societies, and traditions throughout history, leaving the world with impressive manifestations of cultural heritage, begging to be studied, understood, and appreciated. From the lasting impact of Ibn Khaldun’s al-Muqaddimah to the jaw-dropping scenery of the Alhambra in Granada, and from the immense legacy of the Abbasids to the contemporary Muslim discourses on reform and modernity, the field of Islamic History and Civilisation is awash with exciting debates, ideas and discoveries, yet never over-studied.

Under the broad banner of Islamic History and Civilisation, we particularly welcome research focusing on the following topics:
• Classical Muslim Thought
• Contemporary Muslim Thought
• History of Islam and Muslims
• Muslim beliefs and cultures
• Muslim and/or Islamic influences in the West

Sociology of Religion
Within the broad phenomenon of Sociology of Religion, we particularly welcome research focusing on the following topics:
• Islam and Gender Issues
• Islam Socio-religious Movements
• Islam and Social Class
• Islam and Migration
• Muslim Minorities

Psychology of Religion
Within the broad discipline of Psychology of Religion, we highly welcome research focusing on the following topics, with emphasis on Islam:
• Religiosity
• Personality and Individual Differences
• Religion, Culture, and Society
• Spiritual Degradation and Awakening
• Muslim Youth
• Society and Contemporary Issues