MS1501 Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World


The MS-1501 Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World is a compulsory breadth module which must be undertaken by all undergraduate students at UBD.

This undergraduate module offers a broad understanding of Islamic history, community (Ummah) and civilisation, and its impact on the modern world. Through an exposition of Islam’s tawhidic epistemology and Islam’s theoretical and practical teachings, spiritual and moral-ethical value system, this module aims to strengthen students’ sense of responsibility and identity formation, and show how to live an integrated, balanced and progressive life in the modern world. This module also explores the role of the al-Qur’ān and Sunnah as guidelines for holistic and balanced societal development. Further, it seeks to develop awareness and appreciation among students of the many contributions Islam has made to world civilisation and the modern world for the betterment of all humankind.

In order to engage effectively with our students, the module is conducted through various methods, including conventional method of face-to-face sessions, interactive online lectures, and podcast style.

Coordinator (MS1501 Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World)

Dr Majdey Zawawi