Prof Amin Abdul Aziz
Research Area(s):
Islamic Governance; Islamic Law; Political Islam; Applied Shari’ah

Dr Hjh Asiyah az-Zahra Hj Ahmad Kumpoh
Deputy Director | Assistant Professor
Research Area(s):
Conversion Narratives; Ethnic Identity; Diaspora in Brunei; Historical Evolution of Religion, Identity and Culture

Associate Professor Dr Shaikh Abdul Mabud
Associate Professor of Islamic Spirituality, Ethics and Education
Educational Philosophy and Management; Islamic Education; Teacher Training; Islamic Philosophy
Science and Religion; Islam and the West

Dr Senad Mrahorović
Islamic Religious Studies (Qur’an, Hadith etc.); Orientalism; Islamic Science; Philosophy; Islamic Art; Sufism; Current Trends in the Muslim World; Interfaith Dialogue

Dr Majdey Zawawi
Lecturer in Islamic Studies
(History, Civilisation and Shari’ah) |  Programme Leader

Research Area(s):
Classical Islam; Islamic Political Thought; Political Islam; Islamic Governance

Dr Nur Amali Aminnuddin
Lecturer in Islamic Studies
(History, Civilisation and Shari’ah) | Programme Leader (Graduate Studies and Research)

Research Area(s):
Psychology of Islam; Islamic Psychology; Religiosity; Religion, Culture, and Society; Individual Differences